Lesson Planning

There are a number of components that go into lesson planning – 8 are identified in the course PIDP 3100. I looked at a few of these components and found some interesting resources that I will use in the future to improve delivery of my lessons or workshops. I’ll list 5 of the 8 components below and the accompanying resource:

Characteristics of Adult Learners: Journal Article:McClellan, J & Conti, G. (2008). Identifying the Multiple Intelligences of Your Students. MPAEA Journal of Adult Education, 37(1), 13-38. Link to the Article: http://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/EJ891071.pdf

Motivational Techniques: Journal Article: Ivy, L. (2013). Using Humor in the Classroom. The Journal of Adventist Education, February-March 2013, 39-43. Link to the Article: http://circle.adventist.org/files/jae/en/jae201375033905.pdf

Instructional Process/Strategies: Journal Article: Chlup, D. T. & Collins, T. (2010). Breaking the ice: Using icebreakers and re-energizers with adult learners. Adult Learning, 21(3&4), 34-39. A copy of this article can be found on the Resourcez page.

Creating a Positive Learning Environment: Journal Article: Nelken, M. (2009). Negotiating Classroom Process: Lessons from Adult Learning.  Negotiation Journal, 25(2), 189-194. A copy of this article can be found on the Resourcez page.

Assessment: Manual: Adult Learning and Literacy (2003). Creative Student Assessment:A Guide to Developing Meaningful Evaluation. Manitoba Advanced Education and Training, Winnipeg, MB. A copy of this manual can be found on the Resourcez page.

I found these resources pretty valuable in highlighting some of the key components in lesson planning that can help me create lessons or workshops that can engage and stimulate adult learners.

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