About Me


Hello and welcome to learningtrendz!

My name is Andrea Knight, and I am currently a student in the Provincial Instructor’s Diploma Program at Vancouver Community College in Vancouver BC.  This blog was created as a partial requirement for a specific course, PIDP 3100 Foundations of Adult Education.

I have an educational background in Criminology and Sociology, initially with the intent of working within the youth justice system, but that changed when I took a job working with post-secondary students with disabilities. I refocused my studies, and obtained a Master’s degree in Education and Technology. Since 2007 I have worked as a Technology Coordinator for Assistive Technology British Columbia, providing adaptive technology to students with physical and sensory impairments, as well as neurological, mental health, and learning disabilities.  My main focus is on helping these students incorporate technology into their learning environments, so that the barriers created by their disabilities can be mitigated or even eliminated.

I am taking the PIDP program in order to gain some added skills and knowledge to better design and implement online learning resources for my students to help them become more proficient in using their adaptive technology.  By becoming more familiar with adult education and the development and delivery of curriculum, I hope to create more engaging self-serve learning materials that can help improve the students’ incorporation of adaptive technology into their studies.

I hope that this blog will serve as a resource for myself and my colleagues, and that it can highlight some of the emerging technologies, trends and resources in adult education and educational technology.


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